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Looking to hire well-trained health care professionals?  American Career College can help you find the right match—and take some of the risk out of your hands. Our campus recruitment team is focused on the needs of employers like you.

We can quickly identify and present qualified candidates who are ready to work. We can even handle everything from interview schedules to offer protocol–all without cost or obligation. Our college recruiting services are just one more way we’re here to support the health care community.

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"I had always been interested in medicine, but I didn't want to deal with the drama of applying to even a community college. Now, I'm a trained Surgical Technician!"

Jessica S. Surgical Technology Graduate

You need candidates with real-world experience & an exceptional education—here’s how we deliver:

Our College Campus Recruiting Process
Your dedicated Career Services Specialist will assist you through the entire process of graduate recruitment. Our 5-step ACC recruitment process has been developed to streamline the candidate sourcing process so that you can spend less time looking for a quality candidate and more time working with one.

Contact us now to put our high campus recruitment standards to work on your next search—with absolutely no cost or commitment.

Our Talent
We hold our candidates to a higher standard, just like you! We have a deep understanding of each candidate’s capabilities—because from the very beginning, we’ve worked hands-on with the team that trains them for success.

ACC's unique programs are designed to help build on their strengths, overcome weaknesses, and provide confidence-building, hands-on training at a level that other area colleges just can’t match.

Our Results
We're serious about preparing our students to be your employees, and our results show it. Employers take pride in hiring our grads because they know how prepared and advanced our students are in their chosen professions.

If you are ready for the best results in your search for an employee, contact us today.

The Right Local Candidate READY TO WORK!

We have a deep understanding of each candidate’s capabilities—because from the very beginning, we’ve worked hands-on with the team that trains them for success.

What makes an employee truly outstanding?

  • Real-World, Hands-On Training
  • Patient Interaction & Management Skills
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Critical Thinking
  • Ethics
  • Integrity

Our Graduates have it all.

It’s "real world" experience—coupled with an exceptional education. Our unique approach to integrating students into field situations helps every ACC grad hit the ground running as soon as they graduate.

They know what to expect, what's expected of them, and how to succeed.

When it comes to talent, we're as demanding as you are!

Don't just take our word for it. Hear from employers who have hired ACC grads:

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